Sworn and
Legalised Translations




Sauvilair bvba is an all-round translation bureau, which specialises in legal, technical and medical translations. We provide sworn translations and have them legalised by the court, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Technical Translations

We can supply you with technical translations, amongst others, relating to (the):

  • - Automotive industry
  • - Construction
  • - Catalogues
  • - Chemical industry
  • - Electro technology / electrical engineering
  • - Instruction manuals
  • - Harbour activities and transport
  • - Medical translations and patient information leaflets
  • - Metal industry
  • - the Environment
  • - Petrochemical industry
  • - Product specifications
  • - Shipping
  • - Software
  • - Safety Data Sheets

For these translations we have special software, which ensures that frequently occurring terms are always translated in an identical manner.

Legal and
Sworn Translations

Sworn translations can only be carried out by sworn translators. The manager of Sauvilair bvba swore the official oath at the Court of First Instance of Turnhout, and this is the court that legalises our sworn translations.

Some examples of documents we translate:

  • - birth certificates
  • - contracts
  • - summonses
  • - judicial officer’s writs
  • - diplomas
  • - marriage certificates
  • - notarial deeds
  • - articles of association
  • - wills
  • - judgments

Our translations match the form and layout of the original. This makes it easier for administrations to verify them. Sauvilair bvba provides a total solution for these translations. We complete the whole legalisation process for you.